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Tap Water -The Enemy To Your Skin and Hair?

Back in the 1990s, there was a craze for celebrities and models to bathe and wash their hair with Evian bottled water. The extravagant method was put into practice to avoid showering and bathing in water that contained chlorine and other chemicals. These chemicals have been proven to dry out skin and hair. While bathing in bottled water is time-consuming and expensive, what we can take away from the trend is that tap water is ruining our skin and hair. 

Skin: From the Inside Out

Our skin is our largest body organ. It contains over 64% of water and needs water to stay hydrated. Did you know that we actually absorb 100 times more chlorine and chemicals in our hot showers than from drinking the same unfiltered tap water? Not only does it affect our skin from the outside, but it affects what is inside our bodies as well.

We spend so much money on products for beautification, yet we usually don’t think about how the water we bathe in might be affecting our skin and hair. Tap water contains chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine, which are used to disinfect water from harmful bacteria. These toxins are harmful to the hair and skin. They can strip out the oils that your body naturally produces, and cause premature aging. The chemicals also break down the collagen in our skin which causes wrinkles, skin irritation, and scaly skin. Our hair and skin need water and natural oils to stay moisturised. It’s no wonder that proper hydration makes our skin and hair happy and radiant. 

Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

Contaminates found in water strip the protective oils from our hair, which makes it dry, limp and dull. Dandruff and a scaly, irritated scalp can also be a result of irritants and chemicals in the water. Another consideration is colour-treated hair. Men and women spend thousands of dollars a year on hair colour treatments, only to have the colour stripped away the tap water they shower in. Money is literally being washed down the drain.

Chlorine, which is used to disinfect tap water, is used all over the world. Chlorine prevents many of our anti-aging products, colour treatments, and de-frizz conditioners from working. Water softeners only add salt to chlorinated water; they don’t remove anything except healthy nutrients like calcium and magnesium. Reverse osmosis systems do remove chlorine, but they are only used for drinking water at your kitchen sink.  What’s the solution for removing chlorine from your shower water? A Shower Filter! Such as one by Gaia Filters. 

Love Your Hair and Skin Again

For example, the Gaia Water Filters removes chlorine and retains healthy nutrients. When we use chlorinated water on colour treated hair, it can strip the colour and turn it a brassy hue. Salons that use filtered water ensure you are getting the best colour treatment possible, and prolongs the longevity of the colour treatment.

When you remove the toxins from the water, skin issues improve. Water filters have been said to help serious skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis and even acne. If you’re concerned about aging, breakouts, and healthy hair, a shower filter is the way to go. Save yourself the headache of itchy skin and dry hair, and help your body feel and look great.


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